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Sotol De Desierto

45% Alc by Vol | 750ML


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In the arid municipality of Ciudad Aldama, the Master Distiller of Cardenxe came up with a unique formula to distill Sotol which is true to its terroir, but also distinguished from all other Sotols. A blend of three varieties of Dasylirion grown in the desert. After several long experimentations, the 'Sotol De Desierto' came into being.

Characterized by a juxtaposition of sweet and mineral notes, the Sotol De Desierto is tamed by its light lingering vegetal aftertaste – a true celebration of the Sotol plant. We can feel the earth and wood on the tongue, while savoring notes of prickly pear and cocoa on the palate.

Sotol De La Sierra

40% Alc by Vol | 750ML


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In the Sierra Madre Occidental of Chihuahua lies the rustic outpost of Madera: an ancient mining town. In Madera, Sotol has been distilled for centuries following a specific methodology and using a blend of their local grown plants of Sotol 'Sereque' and Agave 'Churique'. The flavor is herbal in a quasi-floral way, imparted by the musky terroir of the lush mountain forest. For this variety, Cardenxe champions tradition, following the ancient production methods with a slight twist: our Sotol de La Sierra is distilled from 100% Sotol.

The result: a sublime explosion on the palate, and a unique potential for an eccentric cocktail recipe.

Subtle floral notes of eucalyptus, moss & nuts fill the palate, transforming into a vigorous grassy aftertaste that evokes the high altitude forests where the sotol plants grow. A unique flavor that is quite hard to unravel… although the local producers would say “esto es puro Sotol!”


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Javier G.
United States United States


This sotol is amazing! I had never tried something like Sotol De La Sierra

Carolina R.
United States United States

Absolutely Delicious

I am totally addicted to Desierto! Not too sweet, just the perfect amount of smoky...has so much flavor and personality. I love it.

Charlie S.
United States United States

Unexpected Pleasure

What an incredibly smooth spirit, yet very rich in taste. Loved the Negroni!


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